ECA Degree Show - Joy in Movement

In Los Angeles, public transportation is often referred to as a terrible sub-par. With the average citizen needing their own vehicle to travel from point A to point B, the idea of being in close proximity to individuals is often taken advantage of. From the majority of the population owning their own vehicle, 1/3 of an individual’s day is wasted in traffic, isolated without any real human interaction. My MFA Degree Show consisted of 12 separate artwork pieces printed on aluminum to mimic the ambience of a bus shelter or Tube station. By means of geometric shapes, the individual pieces were tied together—guiding one’s eye from the top left of the exhibit to the bottom right. Each print contained images of history, messages of relaxation, and colors mimicking the time when travelling on a train was luxurious and an adventure.

All original photographs collected by Mike Ashworth.
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