Trichotomy Exhibit - One Song, three visions

What would happen if creative individuals in a range of fields worked independently to solve similar challenges? Where would the responses cross over? Where would they differ? The Trichotomy exhibit explored how we find inspiration through music. Myself and 2 other creatives gathered 60 artists: 20 photographers, 20writers, and 20 designers. Each artist was placed into a group of 3that contained 1 photographer, 1 writer, and 1 designer; We asked eachgroup to create a response to one song using their area of forte. The 2 restrictions were that they don't see each others work untilopening night, and that each piece be created on an 8x8 template. On opening night, the three pieces ofeach group were portrayed together and next to each piece was an MP3 playerthat played the selected song throughout the evening. Portrayed below are photos from the opening night of the exhibit, exhibit invitations, instructions for design participants, and the piece that I created which happened to be in response to Andrew Bird’s “Don’t be Scared.”

Front of invitation
Back of Invitation
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